Judicial Scrivener Nakajima International Legal Office is conveniently located near JR Takatsuki Station (seven minutes by foot) in Takatsuki, Osaka.

A judicial scrivener is a type of specialist that performs legal tasks such as preparing registered applications or court documents.

Some examples of procedures that would be performed by a judicial scrivener include real estate registrations required when buying/selling or inheriting real estate, commercial registrations required to start or run a company (corporation), pro se legal representation support, and applications for naturalization.

Although our office specializes in company formation and entrepreneurial support, our founder is also an English/Japanese translator who operates a translation company and uses his expertise in English to help support foreigners living in Japan.

We can work with you either by email or in person, and we can also provide service in English if you are not confident in your ability to understand Japanese.

There are many cases where Japanese administrative procedures require foreigners to submit Japanese translations of English documents issued in their home countries.

Other offices would need to outsource this kind of translation work, which would not only increase the overall cost but could also pose issues with quality and privacy.

Our legal and translation specialists will translate required documents as needed, in a manner that is both smooth and cost-effective.

Japanese administrative procedures can be difficult even for Japanese people to understand. We are here to help you figure out where to go.

In addition to handling some procedures ourselves, we can also introduce appropriate specialists or organizations in advance.

Feel free to contact us, whether you want to start a business, need to apply for registration, want to apply for naturalization, or are simply concerned about some other administrative procedure in Japan.

* Multilingual services are also available from Houterasu (Japan Legal Support Center), a public agency established by the Japanese national government. Refer to the Houterasu site for more details.

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Please contact us either by email (address listed below) or by using our contact form. You may contact us in Japanese or English.

* Judicial scriveners work under duty of confidentiality. We will ensure that your personal information including the nature of your inquiry will be kept confidential.

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    * We normally respond to inquiries within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, our response may have been mistakenly filtered as junk email, or may have not been delivered due to some other error. Please try sending your inquiry again.

    * In-person meetings at our office require that a reservation be made in advance. Please let us know if meeting at our office would be difficult for you. We can set up a meeting elsewhere, or use Zoom or another service to meet online.

    Office Profile

    Office NameJudicial Scrivener Nakajima International Legal Office
    RepresentativeTakashi Nakajima, Judicial Scrivener
    AddressChateau Akutagawa 405, Akutagawa-cho 3-8-15, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka 569-1123, Japan
    * A reservation is required to visit our office.
    * We do not accept sales calls.
    Office HoursWeekday 10:00 – 17:00
    * We are also available outside of office hours or on weekends and holidays (advance reservation is required).
    Date of EstablishmentOctober 5, 2021
    Affiliated CompanyTNT Japan Co., Ltd.